Winter Storm Petra

Kasia and I went out for our morning’s walk. I have Accu-Weather app on the phone,so it gives you a pretty blouse time as to when the precipitation is due.

After a hard morning’s walk, my girl was beat.

You can actually see 1/2 ice and 1/2 snow on Kasias’s fur. We both like candidates for Head and Shoulders

Here’s hoping tomorrow is awesome bit better.

Welcome Back, I think

Trying to get all my photos lined up only to have the web host say there is no room has been quite frustrating.


The sky that has been pretty decent is promising to turn into something different tomorrow, resulting in something looking like this:

So I figured out what better time to try to get some readers back. I actually lost one of my strongest supporters. Jeanne passed away last week at either 92 or 94-I can never remember which.

So for those of you who have stuck with me, thanks. I appreciate it!


Phil was right..

…I think.

Pardon the shaky quality,but it’s the best shot of my robin I saw this morning, while walking Kasia.

I had to laugh, as I could have gotten by with my down coat, but figured I’d wear a little lighter jacket. I have a couple different apps on my phone for weather, but I think my surgical incisions are more reliable than any barometer.

That’s my story and I am sticking with it!😎


The look on Kasia,feigning sleep, is disgust. I tried introducing her to a healthier, dehydrated raw food that allegedly is better for her. The argument made for this food is what dogs would eat in the wild. With the current trend of drugs, like for euthanasia, currently found in Hill’s prescription food, I figure I have to work this in. I’d like to keep Kasia around for a good long stretch.

I’ll keep you posted on the battle.

So I spent a Few Hours in A Brand New Walmart Supercenter One Day…..

….At least it felt that way. We bought over $200.00 in groceries, sundries, electronics, and the like. When we got to the register, where there was a cashier AND a bagger, I had given the the cashier 2 coupons. Together they were worth seven dollars.

The cashier, when she finished my transaction WITH MY COUPONS IN HER HANDS, she looks at me dead in the eye and says to me and Jim,” There’s not that much of a line, you can go to customer service and they’ll take care of the coupons.” She then turned to the bagger and informs her that she doesn’t know HOW to redeem coupons.


Jim and I went to customer service , where we waited in line for a supervisor to assist the customer service person. She apologized, but we lost time, and that really was unacceptable. The supervisor of customer service wasn’t pleased to hear what we told her. As we left, the cashier was arguing with the supervisor.That wasn’t our issue, though.

A brand new supercenter? We like the store, but hello, Walmart: how about training employees to assist customers, instead of shoving them from line to line.